Joseph Magsaysay

REALTOR, Keller Williams

Joseph Magsaysay

REALTOR, Keller Williams


Joseph Magsaysay is a REALTOR who feels like he is not working at all. I say this because he loves what he does. He feels he is being paid to eat a lot, to dine out, to party, to mingle, to make friends, and get paid a good amount of money.

Joseph used to be a Business Development Manager of a healthcare company. His job was the recruit Physical Therapists both internationally and nationally. He also traveled the entire Missouri to visit all nursing homes and hospitals to offer rehab services. He had a high paying job, but he only saw his family once a week, because corporate office was based out of town. Because of lack of family time, he decided to quit his job and become a REALTOR. When his friends, relatives, and other REALTORS found out that he wanted to do real estate, all of them said that he would have a hard time in real estate because he is a foreigner, did not know anyone, and nobody knew him.

Joseph used the power of social media and his love for food. He ate out everyday for 6 months. He was asked why he ate out everyday, he said “I open my fridge and I don’t see any clients.” He met majority of his clients in restaurants and cafe’s. Because of this, he is now doing speaking engagements about lead generation. The title of his speaking engagement is ” My fridge is empty. Growing your business one restaurant at a time”.

Joseph Magsaysay is a master networker. He loves people. He loves to socialize a lot.

Joseph has been in the business for 2 years and 6 months, and he just received the top award in his area. He and his team has helped 95 families buy and sell homes! He is also very involved in the National and State level volunteering.


First Year in Business:

  • – Helped 35 families Buy and Sell homes.
  • – $4 million in sales volume.
  • – Rookie of the Year
  • – Summit Award (awarded to agents who sold at least $2Million)
  • – Gold Executive Club for Realty Executives ( at least $100,000 in GCI )
  • – Member of local membership committee
  • – YPN state member
  • – Ate out everyday to restaurants first 6 months in the business
  • – Attended all business conferences on both state and national levels.


2nd year (2016)

  • – Year to Date, have helped 75 families buy and sell homes.
  • – year to date sales volume $14 Million
  • – Local Membership Committee Chair
  • – Local YPN Chair
  • – State member of Mission Network Advisory Board
  • – State YPN Advisory Board
  • – National member of NAR Consumer Communications Committee
  • – Just got appointed to serve YPN Advisory NAR for 2017
  • – Missouri REALTORS Leadership Academy Graduate
  • – Formed a team of 5 serving counties in the 150 mile radius
  • – I still eat out everyday. It is where I get my business from.
  • – Been invited to do several speaking engagements.
  • – Had a speaking engagement titled: “My Fridge is Empty, growing your business one restaurant at a time.”
  • – Made a BIG move to Keller Williams Realty. First ever Keller Williams Realty in Southeast Missouri.